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Lehrstuhl I begrüßt Ludivine Schils als neue Mitarbeiterin

06. Mai 2021 | von
Wir freuen uns unsere neue Mitarbeiterin Ludivine Schils zu begrüßen!

„Dear all, I am Ludivine Schils. I am from Belgium. I wanted to study Psychology since I was 14. Since I started to study Psychology at the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve my interest in research was born. During my Master, I specialized in neuropsychology and conducted two internships in research, aiming to understand the link between space & action, and space & cognition. These internships strengthened my desire to pursue a career in science to conduct my own research. I am looking forward to deepen my comprehension of the mechanisms in human cognition and action while working with Dr. Denise Stephan and Prof. Iring Koch in the DFG (Germany) – MOST (Taiwan) project and am very curious to conduct research on Crossmodal selection in attention and action: Age-related changes in cognitive preparation of crossmodal processing and their neural underpinnings. In my freetime, I also love to do a bunch of sports, from martial arts to circus and team sports. But to stick to stereotypes, as a real Belgian person I particularly enjoy to eat chocolate while tasting some new special beer with friends!“

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