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IT Center Annual Review 2022

January 18th, 2023 | by


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Just a quick blink and 2022 is already over.
Now we are standing in the middle of the first chapter of 2023.
Last year was characterized by many changes, especially based on the motto “ away from online – towards presence”.

We are looking back at the past year and take you with us.

In 2022 there was by far the biggest change in the IT Center in the last two years.


While we were ably to enjoy a bit of normality in May as the IT-ServiceDesk in SuperC and the printing service opened their doors, we were even more pleased that the IT Center fully reopened in August. This means that employees have returned to the offices, personal support is again being offered and events are taking place on site.


However, at the beginning of the year there were still some online events in which the IT Center participated.

Among other things the HPC Introduction was held for all interested parties and users of HPC, followed by the HPC seminar, the virtual PPCES.

In addition, the 3rd semester MATSEs had the opportunity to present their projects at the Software Technology Fair.

Other events in which the IT Center participated in were the #RWTHWelcomeWeek to welcome international students, the nationwide kick-off of the project to raise interest and communicate project goals as well as the ISC High Performance Conference.

However, this is not all: Several events could be held on site again.

Employees had the chance to experience the SC22 and also the re:publica in Berlin.
Furthermore, the ACI conference, the steering group meeting and the annual workshop for HPC users, the aiXcelerate were held at the premises of the IT Center.

There were also some festivities to catch up on:

At the beginning of August, we had the pleasure to celebrate our annual summer party, where old and new employees could meet and get to know each other after a long time.
To the delight of all employees both the company trip and the IT Center’s Christmas party took place in attendance.

The IT Center was also active in sports. In September, nine runners took part in the Aachen company run to support non-profit projects.

As every year, the new MATSE trainees were welcomed. This joyful event was complemented by a MATSE rally through  through the IT Center and a final math dual barbecue.

At this point we want to congratulate three member of the RWTH Aachen, who won the SPEC Contributor Award.
Furthermore, the social media channels of the IT Center celebrated their third anniversary and the project reached a new milestone.

Changes and Adjustments

In 2022 there have also been new developments in the IT Center, especially in the fields of design and process optimization:

But not only designs and functions were adjusted.
There were also some introductions, conversions and even some goodbye’s:

Moreover, new blog series’ were launched  throughout the year.
Useful IT hacks such as the ITbites, the series “making video conferences more efficient” and the #GoodToKnow series are covered. Additionally the IT Center was introduced as an institution of the RWTH Aachen in the IT Center Picture Puzzle series.

As you can see, many exciting things happened last year. Now we are looking forward to what 2023 will bring our way.


Responsible for the content of this article is Sara Erdem.


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