Tibet: supervising retail pharmacies

June 19th, 2020 | by

On April 20th, the Medical Product Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region issued the “Plan on Drug Supervision in Tibet Autonomous Region (2020).” The “Plan” indicates that drugs will be supervised in terms of their production, wholesale, trading, and usage. The “Plan” stipulates that the drug information management system, purchase channels, storage and transport state, auditing, and expiration date of drugs should be inspected, and at the same time, the sales of prescription drugs and services that provide by licensed pharmacists in retail pharmacies will be checked as well.



来源: 医药网  2020.04.22

4月20日, 西藏自治区药监局发布了“2020年西藏自治区药品监督检查计划”。“计划”明确,要在今年4月至11月对全区药品生产、批发、经营、使用单位进行检查。“计划”要求,应重点检查药品的计算机管理系统、进货渠道、储运条件、销售票帐货款一致性、有效期,同时检查药品零售企业的处方药销售和执业药师在岗服务。

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