Hainan: supervising the drug procurement process

October 12th, 2020 | by

On October 10th, the Hainan Medical Insurance Bureau issued the “Plan on Supervising and Evaluating the Medical Price in Hainan Province.” The “Plan” clarifies that drugs included in the procurement list on the website of the centralised procurement platform of Hainan Province should be supervised, which means that monitoring and early warning systems will be implemented as drugs are published on or removed from the website as well as during the processes of drug procurement, distribution, use, and purchase. In addition, a centralised drug procurement assessment for medical institutions should be developed, in which will be evaluated particularly whether medical institutions have obeyed the purchase agreement and paid for the drugs with in 30 days, the rate of drug cost compared with the whole medical costs in medical institutions, the rate and purchasement of unselected drugs, and illegal purchase behavior.


来源医药网  2020.10.12

10月10日,海南省医疗保障局印发《海南省医药价格综合监管评价服务工作方案》(以下称《工作方案》)。《工作方案》明确,将在海南省医药集中采购平台挂网采购的药品纳入监测内容,对药品的挂网、撤网、采购、配送、使用和回款等全流程实施监测预警。 另外,应设置医疗机构的药品集中采购考核,其中对于协议完成率、30天汇款率、药占比、非中选产品采购量及金额占比、违规采购行为等进行了重点评分规定。

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