875 smart electronic pill cases will be put in Wenzhou in the next year

November 23rd, 2016 | by

In the next year, 875 “smart electronic pill cases” will be distributed in seven districts in Wenzhou for the standard treatments of tuberculosis. Eligible patients may get the electronic pill cases from doctors at the outpatient service for free. The anti-tuberculosis drugs in the pill cases are also for free. Different times or time intervals can be set on the pill cases, and the cases will give alarms at the time when the medicine should be taken. The times when the medicine was taken will be recorded automatically. Doctors at the outpatient service can check the data of the electronic pill cases monthly to know the medication compliance of the patients, so that individualized medication instructions can be offered to patients to ensure the treatments with high quality. (Source: Wenzhou Daily)


来源:温州网–温州日报 2016-11-11


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