Unified management of physicians according to codes in Fujian

November 23rd, 2016 | by

On 11th November, Fujian Medical Security Management Committee published an announcement about the unified management of physicians according to codes. At the moment the codes of local physicians are being collected by medical security agencies in Fujian. After a review, the codes will be recorded in the physician database for the whole province of Fujian. This work is planned to be done by 31th December. After all codes will be recorded in the database, every unreasonable medical expense can be traced to the physician, so that the overall process management of medical treatments of doctors becomes possible. (Source: the 21th Century Economic Report)

福建医师代码统一管理 不合理医药费用责任追踪到个人

来源:21世纪经济报道 2016-11-15


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