New revolution: doctors may establish clinics

November 23rd, 2016 | by

On 1st November, National Health and Family Planning Commission published two documents. One is the revision decision of the control regulations of medical institutions. Another one is about seeking comments for the enrollment regulation of doctors’ profession qualification. One big change in the new regulations is that practicing doctors, doctors that retired due to sickness and doctors during job-protected leave are allowed to establish clinics. Another big change is that the new regulations have listed clinical laboratory centers, medical inspection centers, pathology diagnosis centers, medical image diagnosis centers, hematodialysis centers and hospice care centers as medical institutions. Those centers will get the practicing certificates as medical institutions. This regulation change will be beneficial for related enterprises of medical facilities and in vitro diagnosis. (Source: Chinamsr)


来源:中国医药联盟 2016-11-03

核心提示:11 月 1 日,国家卫生计生委同时发布两份文件。其中,一份是《国家卫生计生委关于修改〈医疗机构管理条例实施细则〉的决定(征求意见稿)公开征求意见的通知》。另一份是《国家卫生计生委关于〈医师执业注册管理办法(征求意见稿)〉公开征求意见的通知》。新法规中一个最大的变化是,今后在职医生、因病退职或者停薪留职医生,都可以开办诊所了!还有一个重大变化,新法规中将临床检验中心、医学检验中心、病理诊断中心、医学影像诊断中心、血液透析中心、安宁疗护中心列为了“医疗机构”,将单独获得医疗机构执业证书,利好于相关医疗设备和体外诊断企业。

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