Average rate of profit: -5.5% – serious loss of pharmaceutical e-commerce

November 30th, 2016 | by

Recently, the director of the institute of southern pharmaceutical economics at CFDA met for their 28th conference of national pharmaceutical economic information. There it was stated that last year the estimated gross profit rate of the pharmaceutical e-commerce was 17.6%, while the average expense ratio was 23.1%. Thus, the average rate of profit is calculated to be -5.5%. Even though most of the e-commerce does not improve the profit, pharmaceutical enterprises still show much passion for online pharmacies. The latest data from the database of CFDA shows that there are 598 pharmaceutical enterprises have licenses for selling drugs online – 69 enterprises more than the end of last year. (Source: Chinamsr)

平均利润率-5.5% 医药电商亏损严重难以盈利

来源:中国医药联盟 2016-11-28


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