Charging according to diseases: the catalogue is extended to 320 diseases

February 10th, 2017 | by

On 16th January, the Health and Family Planning Commission and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Development and Reform Commission published an announcement of promoting the charging system according to diseases. It is required to extend the range of charging according to diseases in all regions. A catalogue with 320 diseases was published for usage. In this charging system, every disease has a certain amount of fee. If the hospital doesn’t spend this much, it may keep the rest; otherwise the medical institution should pay the extra part. This is a pre-payment model, which is better for the health insurance to control the payment, comparing to the post-payment system according to items. (Source: National Business Daily)

按病种收费目录扩至320个 白血病糖尿病等可实现“一口价”

来源:每日经济新闻 2017-01-18


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