Hubei issued a plan for the registration and management of licensed pharmacists

January 14th, 2022 | by

On January 7, 2022,, the Hubei Provincial Drug Administration issued the “Plan for the Implementation of Measures for the Registration and Management of Licensed Pharmacists in Hubei Province”. The “Measures” extended the areas in which a licensed pharmacist can work, namely (1) in a drug manufacturing company, (2) in a third-party logistics service provider or a third-party platform for online drug sales, (3) in a third-party prescription review platform. According to the “Implementation Measures,” the pharmacist on duty can provide pharmacy services such as medication consultation, prescription review, and prescription audit, but they do not have authority to sign prescription audits. The “Implementation Measures” also proposed that the registration of licensed pharmacists should increasingly be done electronically throughout the whole province. The measures also propose to start a pilot project in the China Hubei Free Trade Pilot Zone to study the development of a card-based system to manage pharmacists’ licences and also to share information on the (social) credit status.

湖北引发执业药师注册管理实施办法 远程审方多点执业纳入管理范围

来源:湖北省药品监督管理局  2022.01.14


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