Jiangxi: introducing 15 measures to support the development of pharmacy chains

December 2nd, 2022 | by

Recently, Jiangxi province’s Medical Products Administration issued “Opinions on Supporting the Development of Pharmacy Chains.” The Opinions support large-scale drug wholesalers and pharmacy chains to acquire single-pharmacies in various ways; they support pharmacies within the same pharmacy chain to allocate drugs on demand; they support pharmacy chains to provide round-the-clock drug vending machines in public places; they support supermarket chains to sell OTC drugs of class B; they support pharmacy chains to implement remote pharmacy services and prescription review by licensed pharmacists and to establish remote pharmacy service centers; they support e-management of data in pharmacy chains; they encourage pharmacy chains to sell drugs on the internet and to keep prescriptions for patients with chronic diseases.


来源:江西省药品监督管理局  2022.12.02


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