Tianjin: implementing the 2022 “Month of Safe Drug Use” campaign in tandem with the campaign for the recall of expired drugs

December 9th, 2022 | by

The Tianjin Binhai Market Supervision Bureau, in collaboration with the People’s Pharmacy Company Ltd., implemented the 2022 “Month of Safe Drug Use” campaign on December 8. The program was carried out in the form of on-site teaching and explanation, as well as the distribution of brochures, especially for the elderly and other special groups, fulfilling the role of pharmacists. At the same time, it instructed the public to clean up expired drugs in their homes carefully and on time to avoid expired drugs damaging the environment or flowing back into the market illegally, so as to continually raise public awareness of environmental protection and safe use of drugs.


来源:新浪财经  2022.12.09


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