Bozhou: developing a regional traceability system for traditional Chinese medicine tablets

December 22nd, 2022 | by

Recently, the Anhui Provincial Drug Administration stated that Bozhou city has taken the lead in developing a regional traceability system for traditional Chinese medicine tablets, which has already covered 192 traditional Chinese medicine tablet manufacturers in the city. The traceability system consists of two main parts: the enterprise side and the supervisory side. The enterprise side of the traceability system manages procurement, production, warehousing, finance, sales, and other key aspects of the manufacturing process, allowing for real-time recording of the production process and track modification. The supervisory side can read data from and enter data into the enterprise side traceability platform. The supervisory side can assess enterprise data within its authority at any time and, if necessary, manage drug recalls, conduct intelligent analysis, and post information on the platform, allowing for digital supervision of the quality of traditional Chinese medicine tablets.


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