IIDEA at the BIH Working Committee of the Technical Advisory Services in Dortmund

May 8th, 2024 | by

An exciting day at the BIH Working Committee of the Technical Advisory Services in Dortmund!

We had the great opportunity to present our project to the integration and inclusion offices from all of Germany’s federal states.

Prof. Hüsing gave an exciting presentation on the opportunities offered by collaborative robotics in the context of inclusion.

He also presented the IIDEA project, which now provides technical advisory services with the support they need to educate companies about collaborative robotics. We support this with the IIDEA Infomobile and hands-on procedures).

In addition, Carlo was able to offer the participants an insight into the programming of collaborative robots in order to give them a deeper understanding of the possible applications and their implementation.

It was interesting to meet the department heads of the technical advisory services from 16 federal states in person. Almost all federal states were represented – proof of the interest and relevance of the topic. A big thank you to all participants for their commitment and enthusiasm for the future of inclusive robotics!

contact person:
Mathias Hüsing
Carlo Weidemann
Elodie Hüsing
Sophie-Charlotte Keunecke
Christina Jansen

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