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The Service Center for Advanced Robotics at IGMR is your pioneer for innovative automation projects

December 18th, 2023 | by

Our expertise extends to the seamless integration of robots into test benches, the optimization of showcases with existing robots and the adaptation of measurements and sensor technology for an automated solution using robots.

Robots are playing an increasingly important role in a wide range of research projects. However, there is often a lack of expertise and time to use them effectively and in a userfriendly way and this is exactly where we come in!

Our services include:
– The
integration of robots into your test benches
The further use of existing robots for showcases
The adaptation of measurements and sensors using robot technology
Troubleshooting for robots
– Planning
and implementation of research projects with the use of robots
Ideas and support for automation in various specialist areas

Dr. Markus Schmitz is your contact for the implementation and planning of automation projects and for technical advice. Please send requests for quotations to