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Haptic feedback system RePlaLink

November 13th, 2020 | by

At IGMR, the haptic feedback system RePlaLink (Reconfigurable Planar Linkage) is being developed. With this system, hand-actuated mechanisms can be haptically simulated and interactively synthesized. Furthermore, users can interactively synthesize these mechanisms. This should allow mechanisms with optimal haptic properties to be developed.

People frequently interact with hand-actuated mechanisms in everyday life, e.g., in car doors, furniture doors, reconfigurable furniture, or fitness equipment. Their haptic properties largely determine the perceived quality of these mechanisms. The RePlaLink (Reconfigurable Planar Linkage) aims to support the design and development of these mechanisms by applying haptic feedback systems based on virtual prototypes. The haptic simulation and synthesis method allows users to directly feel mechanisms’ kinematic and kinetostatic properties while operating the system. In addition, users can interactively modify these properties and receive direct haptic feedback. In the first video, the design of the RePlaLink, consisting of a planar five-link with an additional serial link for the handle, is shown.

The second video shows haptic simulation and synthesis using a kitchen cabinet door as an example.

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Mahshid Pour Ebrahimabadi M.Sc.