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Development of an active dynamic balancing unit for pick and place applications

April 18th, 2024 | by

Delta robots are the most common parallel robots for manipulation tasks. In many industrial applications they must be operated at reduced speed or dwell times have to be included in the motion planning, to prevent frame vibrations. As a result, their full potential cannot be realized. To address this problem, this we developed the mechanical and control design of an active dynamic balancing unit for reduction of frame vibrations. In this video you can see the experimental validation of this system in a pick and place scenario. It the proposed active dynamic balancing unit provides a significant vibration reduction of about 85% for translational and 78% for rotational vibrations. The experiments were conducted on a low cost Delta robot called the Suisui Bot designed at the IGMR, in collaboration with the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Two different strategies have been proposed for the control of the balancing unit. In this video you can see the IMSC in combination with a open-loop control based on the robots inverse dynamics. Please refer here for further information on the design and control system.

contact: Christian Mirz

Igus Delta Demonstrator

June 26th, 2020 | by

Sebastian Lüke developed a demonstrator including control, trajectory planning and user interface for the igus Delta modular system as part of his master’s thesis.

Link to Video (Youtube)


Markus Schmitz