(Deutsch) Summer Schools an der FANUC Education Cell

August 25th, 2023 | by

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Situational adaptive movement prediction for firefighting squads in indoor attack

July 6th, 2023 | by

We presented our paper “Situational Adaptive Motion Prediction for Firefighting Squads in Indoor Search and Rescue” at ICRA in the Long-Term Human Motion Prediction workshop.

Firefighting is a complex but poorly automated task. To minimize ergonomic and safety risks for firefighters, robots could be used in a collaborative approach. To enable human-robot teams in firefighting, important fundamentals are still missing. Among other things, the robot must predict human movement because occlusions are ubiquitous. In this work, we propose a novel motion prediction method for firefighting squads in indoor attack. Squad paths are generated using an optimal graph-based planning approach that represents firefighter tactics. Paths are generated on a per-room basis, allowing dynamic local adaptation of paths without global replanning. The movement of individual agents is simulated using a modification of the Headed Social Force Model. We evaluate the feasibility of the pipeline using a novel dataset generated from real footage and show its computational efficiency.

Contact: Nils Mandischer


New research topic at IGMR: Pick & Toss

June 12th, 2023 | by

Today’s production plants would be unthinkable without robotic pick & place processes. Handling objects are picked by the robot and placed at the target position with the desired target orientation. An innovative possibility to significantly increase the workspace of a robot and to reduce process times is the extension of this process by the targeted throwing of handling objects. Possible areas of application are the sorting of products that are not damaged during the throwing process (e.g. screws or nuts) or whose damage is of secondary relevance (e.g. sorting out defective products, separating materials in recycling plants).

Our goal is to describe the robotic pick & toss process using a combination of classical analytical and machine learning models to make the innovative process industrially viable.

Nils Brückmann
Johannes Bolk

(Deutsch) Entwicklungen mit der Trapo GmbH

June 2nd, 2023 | by

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Project launch IIDEA – Inclusion and integration through cobots on the labor market

April 28th, 2023 | by

In April, the innovative project “IIDEA – Inclusion and integration through cobots in the first labor market” was launched, which aims to empower the inclusion and integration of severely disabled people in the first labor market through collaborative robotics.

The deployment of cobots makes it possible to create new jobs and forms of work that satisfy the individual needs of severely disabled people. These new forms of work are not being established on the margins but at the heart of digitization and Industry 4.0.

In a rapidly changing world, we must focus on the needs of all people and ensure that everyone can reach their full potential. The IIDEA project is an important step towards an inclusive and inclusive society and economy.

For more information about the project, please visit the project profile. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our staff:

Prof. Mathias Hüsing
Carlo Weidemann
Sophie-Charlotte Keunecke
Elodie Hüsing
Nils Mandischer
Christina Jansen

(Deutsch) Begrüßung der neuen Master-Erstsemester

April 24th, 2023 | by

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(Deutsch) Erfolgreiche Workshops mit der Technischen Universität Liberec

February 22nd, 2023 | by

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(Deutsch) Interaktives Lernen von ROS: Der neue Kurs in RWTHJuypter

January 16th, 2023 | by

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(Deutsch) Querschnittsgruppe: Application Dynamics

January 13th, 2023 | by

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Review Summerschools ROBO and ROCNI 2022

January 10th, 2023 | by

The Summerschool serves to educate and deepen the knowledge of interested students. The Summerschool ROBO and ROCNI are offered by the International Academy (IntAc) and conducted by the Institute of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics (IGMR) at RWTH Aachen University. The theoretical basics are esxtended by the practical application of simulations and on the real robot in the laboratory of the IGMR.

contact person:

Carlo Weidemann
Stefan Bezrucav