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Industrial project Trapo Loading System

July 10th, 2020 | by

Image source: Pressemitteilung Trapo AG

IGMR – RWTH Aachen supports Trapo AG in the development and integration of trajectory planning and trajectory execution algorithms, environment perception and communication with the PLC for the new Trapo Loading System robot.

Link to the press release of Trapo AG:

Contact person:
Stefan Bezrucav
Markus Schmitz



SLAM validation using iGPS

July 3rd, 2020 | by

For the validation of localization and mapping algorithms (SLAM) for mobile robots, we use at IGMR the indoor Global Positioning System from Nikon.
SLAM is a classical problem in mobile robotics and still a current and challenging research topic. The current developments are focused in improving SLAM algorithms with respect to a high accuracy, generality, and robustness. For this reason, we validate our SLAM algorithms for mobile robotics with the Nikon iGPS which is used to generate a ground truth with a frequency of 40 Hz and an accuracy of 0.2 mm. In this way, critical inaccuracies and loop closure methods can be much better quantified and analyzed.

Project page:

Contact person:
Simon Schläger