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New research topic at IGMR: Pick & Toss

June 12th, 2023 | by

Today’s production plants would be unthinkable without robotic pick & place processes. Handling objects are picked by the robot and placed at the target position with the desired target orientation. An innovative possibility to significantly increase the workspace of a robot and to reduce process times is the extension of this process by the targeted throwing of handling objects. Possible areas of application are the sorting of products that are not damaged during the throwing process (e.g. screws or nuts) or whose damage is of secondary relevance (e.g. sorting out defective products, separating materials in recycling plants).

Our goal is to describe the robotic pick & toss process using a combination of classical analytical and machine learning models to make the innovative process industrially viable.

Nils Brückmann
Johannes Bolk

Developments with Trapo GmbH

June 2nd, 2023 | by

The IGMR – RWTH Aachen supports Trapo GmbH in the further development and integration of trajectory planning and trajectory execution algorithms for the new Trapo Loading System robot. Compared to the old TLS, the navigation of the new TLS is realized with the MoveBase Framework of the Robot Operating System (ROS). For this purpose, together with Trapo GmbH, we have created a special configuration for car-like structure for the local MoveBase Planner. The new TLS was last presented at the LogiMat trade fair.

Daniel Gossen