Schlagwort: ‘Additive Fertigung’

Erste FDM Druckversuche im Rahmen der Multidirektionalen Additiven Fertigung

March 29th, 2021 | by

Die ersten Hürden des prototypischen Aufbaus sind geschafft. Nun kann die entwickelte Prozessvorbereitung getestet werden.


Im Rahmen des DFG geförderten Projekts soll die Multidirektionale Additive Fertigung für das Lichtbogenschweißen erforscht werden. Die Prozessvorbereitung soll nun zunächst im FDM Verfahren validiert werden.



Markus Schmitz

Jan Wiartalla

Carlo Weidemann


Multidirectional additive manufacturing in arc welding process

August 6th, 2020 | by

In collaboration with the ISF, RWTH Aachen, we at IGMR are researching Multidirectional Additive Manufacturing. In this application for the production of metal components.

Multidirectional Additive Manufacturing enables the production of complex components without support structures, both in the classic FDM process with plastic and with layer-by-layer buildup in the arc welding process. At IGMR, the entire process chain of additive manufacturing is being extended to meet the special challenges of this process from a robotic perspective. This includes the slicing of a virtual component into layers, the subsequent planning of a collision-free structure, the generation of executable robot paths for filling the layers as well as the necessary trajectory planning.

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Contact person:
Markus Schmitz
Carlo Weidemann