Teilnahme am A+A Kongress in Düsseldorf

December 3rd, 2021 | by

Vortrag A+A Kongress

Presentation of the Next Generation Workplace and lecture on “HRC as a tool for inclusive workplaces

At the A+A Congress in Düsseldorf, we presented the Next Generation project together with Caritas Wertarbeit Köln. The congress is attended by many interested parties and experts in the field of occupational health and safety and stimulates dialogue with many exciting presentations on current topics in these areas. On both days of the A+A Congress there were many discussions with interested participants. On the final day, Carlo Weidemann also gave a presentation on Human-Robot Collaboration as an Assistive Medium for Inclusive Workplaces. In addition to explaining the motivation behind the design of inclusive workplaces, this presentation also covered the inclusion projects that the IGMR is supporting and helping to shape. These are the Next Generation Project and the project with Ford to reorganise a workplace for employees who have undergone a performance change.



Prof. Hüsing

Elodie Hüsing

Carlo Weidemann

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