Participation at European Robotics Forum (ERF) Hackathon 2022

July 19th, 2022 | by

As part of the European Robotics Forum (ERF) Hackathon 2022, six IGMR students demonstrated their talent in prototyping and working with robots. The hackathon challenge was set by Lely, among others. Their Juno mobile robots are autonomous cylindrical platforms whose main task is to move the fencing around cows on farms to make the feed pushed into the space accessible again. The hackathon task was similar: two Juno robots had to move along the walls of two interconnected rooms at a given distance. Additional restrictions and challenges were added for extra points. The team was successful at the hackathon in Rotterdam. After a neck-and-neck race, the first place went to TU Delft. At the award ceremony, we were praised as the most cooperative team for our constant support of other teams in design and 3D printing. This exemplary behaviour is much appreciated and we look forward to taking part again next year.

Special praise goes to our students Sebastian Polzin, Frederik van Kerkom, Jonas Braun, Oleksander Kutovyi, Ali Berger and Yannik Freischlad for their efforts. We congratulate TU Delft on their well-deserved victory and are happy to have won many new friends and valuable contacts. We thank the institute management for the opportunity to participate and look forward to next year.


Daniel Gossen

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